Donate Your Car Seattle

Donate your car Seattle! Looking for a way to give back to your community? Tired of the old junker sitting in your front yard? Want to save a few tax dollars? Donate your car Seattle! Donating your car to Volunteers of America Western Washington will help you and the community of Seattle. 100% of the proceeds from your vehicle donation … Read More

Can’t fix that clunker?

What to do with that car that just won’t work anymore? Well, you could pay to take it to the junkyard, but you would be adding more trash to the world around you. You have the option to donate your car to a charity. There’s certainly a benefit to doing this, particularly with the community. There are certain charities that … Read More

Five tips for donating your car

When it comes to donating a car, it goes without saying that you’re still making an investment. Not only are you investing in your community by donating something that will benefit them, but also, there is a tax break to consider. While it should go without saying that doing something great for your neighbors and being altruistic should be the … Read More

Vehicle Donation – Help your community directly

There are numerous car donation programs out there and while they all no doubt have good intentions, many of them take their money to other states. Volunteers of America’s car donations stay within the Western Washington region, so it goes back into helping the community that supports it.   This is a very important distinction, since many communities that do … Read More

Donating Your Car is Much Easier Than Fixing It

Sometimes, a broken car is just way too much trouble, particularly given the time, effort, and money that can go into fixing a car, sometimes the best thing to do is to donate it. There are non-profit charities set in place that accept cars of varied conditions. Agencies like Volunteers of America will take beaten up cars and help put … Read More

Your Donation Helps People in Need

If you have an old car that’s sitting in your driveway that’s just taking up space, maybe donating it to a non-profit organization like Volunteers of America can help extend some goodwill to someone in your community. Despite being at the tail end of a recession, cars are still relatively expensive, especially for those who are less fortunate. In donating … Read More

Important Tax Benefits From Donating Your Car

When it comes to donating cars, one of the biggest benefits is the positive impact it will have on your annual taxes. Whether you’re aware of this or not, donating a car to a non-profit can actually help you when you’re filing your taxes. Donating a car to a charitable organization can be written off as a deduction on your 1040. In addition … Read More