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Since 1915, Volunteers of America has been skillfully evolving into the broad-based, insightful organization that it is today. Over the years, the economy, population and political environment of the greater Puget Sound region have changed dramatically. The human needs for food, compassion and hope have not. To navigate these changes, and to empower confidence and resourcefulness in those we serve, we’ve developed a philosophy that includes drawing on the strengths and skills of diverse individuals and organizations to reach as many people in need as possible.

A Timeless Philosophy of Service

Our philosophy of service revolves around the idea that people are best helped when they are taught the skills and given the timely, targeted support they need to make their lives self-sustainable. This is how we strive to carry out our mission to reach, serve and empower diverse individuals, families and communities.

As we respond to increasingly complex community needs, we adhere to the following guiding principles: we are community-minded, we are committed to excellence, we are effective stewards of our resources, and we foster change through faith.

Efficient and Effective Service Delivery

Sure, we’re a big organization, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t efficient and effective. We respond to 350,000 individuals who contact us for services each year. Eighty-eight cents of every dollar contributed directly impacts the community. Through experience and thoughtful planning, our comprehensive programs have carefully evolved to fulfill unmet community needs.

Take a moment to find out more about Volunteers of America – Western Washington and our aim to foster independence, promote self-sufficiency, support positive development , and build community capacity through our organization, and its services programs.